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  1. You must have final project approval before checking out equipment or beginning Production. You will need to provide a signed project approval form at the equipment checkout window in order to receive your order.

  2. Pick-Up equipment at your scheduled pick-up time.

  3. Ensure the equipment you are checking out is functioning properly and that the equipment you are receiving matches the equipment listed on the reservation form.

  4. Sign the Pepperdine Checkout Agreement at the checkout window.


  • Allow yourself additional time at checkout to prep your equipment and report any damages or missing items BEFORE you leave the building.

  • Once you leave the building you will be held responsible for all equipment on your reservation form.

  • Do not allow friends or associates to borrow equipment under your name. You will be held responsible.

  • Always store equipment in a safe place. Avoid exposing equipment to extreme heat or cold and keep free of dirt and moisture.

  • You assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment when you sign the Equipment Agreement.

  • DO NOT Store equipment in your vehicle overnight. When keeping equipment overnight store everything in your residence.

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