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As a SART or SART Co-Curricular student, you have access to the Production Facilities including:

  • TV Studio (CCB122)

  • Control Room (CCB121)

  • Newsroom / Edit Lab (CCB112)

  • Recording Studio (CCB105 / CCB106)

  • Edit Bays (CCB125, CCB126, CCB128)

  • Green Room (CCB114)



The entrance doors remain open from 8AM – 6PM. After-hours access is granted by ID card only. If you are enrolled in a Production course, access will be added to your ID card. If you have any issues with access, contact Sara Fernandez. During after hours, entrance doors should never be propped open and only authorized faculty, students, cast, and crew should be allowed into the Production facilities. Please be advised, Production student ID cards will only grant access to the entrance doors, the newsroom (CCB112), and the green room (CCB114). All other after-hours requests must be approved by Sara Fernandez. Once approved, your name will be sent to DPS with the date and time of use and you will need to call DPS to have an officer unlock the room for you.


Food and Drink:

As there is a lot of expensive and technical equipment, food and drink are only allowed in two areas in the TV area:

  • The Television Lobby (CCB 111)

  • The Green Room (CCB 114)


No food and drink are allowed in the production suites or in the TV studio.



Some equipment draws substantial power when plugged in. Before plugging any piece of equipment into any outlet, students should take care to take precautions to prevent power outages and surges, which could result in a fire. If you have questions about power draw on specific equipment, ask Production Operations (x4660).


During and After Use:

Students should operate only the equipment with which they are familiar and have received prior permission to use. If you are unsure, ask. The faculty and staff want you to learn, and we are happy to help. But, if you use equipment you are not familiar with and damage it, you will be held responsible for any damages and repair costs. The best rule of thumb is, use only what you have permission to use and only what you know how to use.


When finished using your location, you should:

  • Return all equipment, furniture, sets, chairs, etc., to its / their proper location

  • Pick up and dispose of all trash

Essentially, if you move something put it back, and leave the space better than how you found it.

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