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The Pepperdine campus is your backlot.

However, you need permission to shoot anywhere on campus. For every campus location, there is a person in charge of scheduling. You are required to get their signature on the Pepperdine Location Agreement. This is a list of some campus locations and the contact person for each location.

Pepperdine is primarily a learning institution, and as a result, classroom spaces are first reserved for curricular activities. Students, though, may reserve spaces on campus for their productions, whether for filming, casting, production meetings, or even to serve as a temporary “green room,” as long as those locations are not in use for one of their primary purposes and has not been reserved by another group or individual.



  1. Determine your desired location, days, and times (it is advisable to have a back-up location).

  2. Complete the “On Campus Location Agreement”.

  3. Bring the faculty-signed form to the Student Production Office for signature along with a script of the project

  4. Contact the university faculty or staff member responsible for overseeing the space you desire to use and have them sign the form.

  5. Comply with the university faculty or staff member’s requests for what you need to do to complete the reservation.

  6. If your desired location is a parking lot, campus road, sidewalk, etc. or if your project includes any material that would disrupt passerby such as loud dialogue or prop weapons you will need the signature of a Public Safety Representative.

    1. Students should be prepared to discuss the nature of the activity being filmed and provide adequate reasoning why the specific location is being requested

    2. Students will need to comply with all safety measures and protocols as stipulated by Public Safety.

    3. If Public Safety determines an officer must be on-set during filming, students must make arrangements as determined by the Public Safety Representative.

  7. Send the completed form to the SPO office along with any other approval materials.

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