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Students are financially responsible for any equipment checked out in their name. This includes equipment that is checked out and not returned, equipment that is checked out and damaged, or equipment that is stolen while under the student’s care. You are financially responsible for any lost or damaged equipment up to $5,000. Any damage or replacement costs above $5,000 will result in an insurance claim.


If equipment is not working properly, students must notify the checkout attendant as soon as possible. Sometimes equipment fails, and if it is determined the failure is not user related, the student will not be financially responsible. It is imperative that students check their equipment prior to leaving equipment checkout to ensure it is working properly. Students will be held responsible for equipment condition if the checkout attendant is not notified of any equipment problems at the time of checkout.

Students should not leave equipment stored in their vehicles unattended or overnight. High value equipment should never be left unattended and should be taken at the end of the shoot day and stored in a safe place (i.e. Do not leave equipment overnight on set).


Students will supply their own SD cards, hard drives, and batteries.

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