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  • The use of locations, sets, set dressing or props which involve the handling of, or working inclose proximity to glass objects or architectural/structural glass creates a potentially hazardous situation for cast, crew and spectators.

  • It is advised that all architectural and/or structural glass be checked carefully to ensure that it is approved safety glass.

  • ALL glass doors and panels and other large areas of glass at or near ground level – or at entryways – should be marked with large, white tape “X’s” to enhance cast and crew visibility.

  • Cabinet or showcase glass, glass tables, glass decorative panes or partitions, lamps or hanging glass fixtures, glass sculptures, glass picture frames, glass or china dishes and other hand-held glass objects need special consideration. Consider removing them and replacing them with plastic or fake glass objects which can be found at prop houses.

  • The use of glass within studios and stage sets should be avoided. Where possible use plastic-based materials. Sequences involving the intentional breaking glass are excluded and will require additional underwriting approval.

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