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The 1st Assistant Director is the Safety Officer for the production. However, EVERY person working on a set has an obligation to speak up when they see an unsafe situation. The A.D. should encourage crew members to speak up if they have any concerns. The A.D. must conduct a safety meeting at the beginning of every shoot day and before shooting begins at all locations.

The safety meeting should cover the following items:

  • Review any specific items that relate to the day’s filming (animals, stunts, special effects, etc.)

  • Refer to any applicable safety bulletins distributed by the Contract Services AdministrationTrust Fund (CSATF), a non-profit organization that administers many programs for the motion picture and television industry. Any applicable safety bulletins should be attached to your call sheet. Here is a link to a list of their safety bulletins:


  • Demand good housekeeping on the set. Walkways and work areas should be kept free of equipment and debris.

  • Locate emergency exits as well as the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kit.

  • Determine an assembly area in case evacuation becomes necessary.


Make sure the crew is informed of clothing requirements (heat, cold, rain, etc.) and that protective equipment such as safety glasses or hearing protection is available when needed.

The 1st A.D. has many responsibilities for a more comprehensive list click this link.

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