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Insurance is meant to protect students against certain losses that may occur during the course of an approved Screen Arts or Film Studies project or a Screen Arts or Film Studies Co-Curricular project. Remember, just because you are a Pepperdine student does not mean you have insurance for any project you produce. Pepperdine only insures class productions for course credit.


Even with insurance, there are still financial costs that the student will be responsible for in the event of a loss (even for non-excluded activities). Insurance has a minimum financial threshold of $5,000 for equipment and $7,500 for third party property damage that must be met before insurance will pay for a claim. This is referred to as a deductible and students will be responsible for covering this cost.



There is NO insurance coverage for a student project that contains excluded activities unless the project has been approved by Production Operations (Sara Fernandez). Insurance will deny coverage for any incident resulting from any non-approved excluded activities and the student will be solely responsible for any and all monetary damages and/or legal consequences.


The following is a brief overview of the insurance coverages provided by Pepperdine.


General Liability Insurance:

This policy is designed to cover property damage to authorized filming locations and any resulting bodily injuries sustained by individuals who are not associated with the production.



Insurance will only cover damages that were caused by an approved film-related activity.


Film Equipment Insurance:

This policy is designed to cover damage to or theft of rented film-related equipment (including camera equipment, audio and lighting equipment, as well as props and wardrobes) that is rented to the student by Pepperdine or by an approved off-campus vendor. If equipment is lost due to theft, a police report is required for insurance purposes.



Leaving equipment unsecured or unattended is considered negligence and any resulting loss or damage will NOT be covered by insurance.


Any personal film equipment belonging to the student or any member of the cast/crew will NOT be eligible for insurance. Any losses for owned equipment will need to be paid for entirely by the student.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

This policy is designed to cover injuries sustained by a hired cast or crew member. Certain Production courses will require hired cast and crew outside of Pepperdine for their assigned projects. For these courses, Pepperdine will provide students with a workers’ compensation

policy. For courses that do not require hired cast or crew members, workers’ compensation insurance is not provided by Pepperdine.



The University DOES NOT provide insurance for vehicles of any kind for student productions. You must provide your own insurance for any vehicle in your production, including on-camera picture cars and production transport rentals or grip trucks.


It is essential for students to follow all safety protocols and take all of the necessary precautions to try to prevent losses from happening. We understand that even with all of the proper controls in place, losses do happen. If a loss occurs, or even if you suspect a loss MAY have occurred, it is CRITICAL that you inform Sara Fernandez and fill out an incident form immediately.

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