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The use of any special equipment (i.e.. trucks, dollies with jib arms, lifts, condors, cranes and generators) for which the university HAS NOT PROVIDED specific training in the proper and safe use is prohibited.

The faculty will discuss the use of such equipment with the student filmmaker. If there is agreement that the student will be allowed to use the special equipment then the following must happen:

  • The student must arrange with the vendor to be trained in the use of the special equipment.

  • The student must obtain from the vendor a form approved by SART Faculty to the effect that the student has been satisfactorily trained in the use of the equipment.

  • If other members of the film crew are to use and/or operate the special equipment they must receive the training and be named on the letter.

  • Camera cars and car mounts are not allowed in student productions.

  • Be aware that additional insurance for such equipment may be required.

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