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Any items not returned by the specified return date and time on the reservation will incur a penalty of equipment checkout privileges for the infringing student. Any of the below infractions will be noted via email to the student and to their professor.

  • 1st Infraction: Students returning any equipment after the specified return date and time will face a 7-day rental suspension.

  • 2nd Infraction: Students failing to return equipment on time for a second time will face a minimum 7-day rental suspension and a $20 penalty.

  • 3rd Infraction: Students will arrange a meeting with Production Operations and your professor to discuss your future checkout privileges.

Students will not be allowed to checkout equipment until all equipment is returned or reimbursed. Any equipment not returned within seven (7) days of the return date will be assumed “damaged beyond repair” and the full cost of the equipment will be billed to the student so it may be replaced. Any outstanding student bills must be paid in full before equipment checkout privileges are restored.

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