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The Production Suites consist of post-production edit bays, the recording studio, and the radio station. Students can reserve these production suites for four-hour blocks, with an eight-hour max during any 24-hour span. There are also computers with editing software available in the edit lab / newsroom (CCB 112); this space cannot be reserved, but students are allowed to use the space as long as they have ID card access and there is not a class meeting in the room.

List of Production Suites:

CCB105 & CCB106 Audio Recording Studio and Control Room 

ADR, FOLEY, Sound Effects, V.O., Apple Logic, Premier, Podcasts, Audio Mixing, Audio Editing

CCB107 KWVS Radio 

Radio Broadcast on

CCB125 Edit Bay 2

Mac Computer: Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve basic color correction

CCB126 Edit Bay 3

Mac Computer: Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve basic color correction

CCB128 Edit Bay 5

Mac Computer: Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve Advanced Color Correction, Davinci Resolve Micro Panel Control Surface.

Built for Color Correction


Production Suite Reservation Procedure:

1.Production Suite availability can be viewed and requested on 25Live

2.Once you have submitted a request through 25Live you will receive a confirmation email stating that your request has been approved.

3.If you will be utilizing these facilities during non-business hours (weekdays before 8AM or After 6PM / Weekends) you will need to call DPS x4442 to unlock the room.

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