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  • All students must complete a “Production Agreement” each semester they are enrolled in a production class or on crew for a production co-curricular. Without a form on file, students are ineligible to reserve or to use on-campus facilities.

  • No third-party student reservations will be accepted.

  • Student reservations for the TV Studio and the production suites can be made no more than two weeks in advance. Other on-campus locations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and students must follow the guidelines spelled out to ensure use of on campus facilities.

  • All facility reservations require faculty approval (consult your course syllabus or co-curricular faculty advisor for the specific guidelines you are expected to follow).



  • Students may not affix anything to a wall

  • Students may not build or construct anything in an interior space. Specifically, this means no nailing, cutting, painting, staining, etc.

  • Students may only build or construct designated materials for filming in approved spaces. Specifically, all nailing, cutting, painting, staining, etc., must be approved by Pepperdine representatives as appropriate for the space being used.

  • Students may NOT physically alter any Pepperdine owned property through building, constructing, or other unapproved alteration.

  • If students use a whiteboard (or similar) equipment, they must use the appropriate writing tool for the surface, and students must erase any writing prior to leaving the room

  • Students may not change out any lightbulbs in any permanent fixture

  • Students may use the equipment in the room if they have access and permission (DVDs,Projector, Computer, Whiteboards, etc.)

  • Use only the equipment you have reserved and only the equipment you know how to use

  • Students may use the room only for the time they have reserved it—this includes set-up and striking

  • Students may not film in a location on-campus that has not been reserved

  • When filming or conducting casting calls, students must post appropriate signage to notify the public of what is taking place; this includes posted notifications for props being used as weapons for the purpose of filming (requires additional paperwork)

  • Students may not alter or disrupt any organic landscape

  • Students may not impede or otherwise restrict natural flow of traffic (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile) UNLESS prior authorization has been obtained from the PublicSafety Representative and the student follows the requested safety protocols as instructed by the Public Safety Representative

  • Do not disturb, disrupt, or otherwise detract from “business as usual” in the location being used

  • Students are expected to abide by the food and drink guidelines of the space they are using.

  • Leave the location cleaner than you found it and return all equipment to its original position after use

Consequences for Facility Misuse

If room(s) or equipment is not returned to its proper order, or if anything is broken or damaged, the student producer whose name is on the location agreement will be responsible for any financial remuneration should any be required. All offenses will be subject to the following consequences:

  1. 1st Infraction: Students will face a 7-day facility reservation suspension.

  2. 2nd Infraction: Students will face a minimum 7-day facility reservation suspension and a $20 penalty.

  3. 3rd Infraction: Students will arrange a meeting with Production Operations and your professor to discuss your future reservation privileges.


If students misuse any facility outside of CCB, the student will be subject to the requirements of each respective facility. When reserving or using a space with which you are unfamiliar, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with any requirements, guidelines, and consequences for the use of that space.

Students will not be permitted to film until all previous issues have been settled. If Production Operations becomes aware of misuse of other Pepperdine facilities / locations by a student, further sanctions may be applied to the student using the infraction guidelines noted above. Any outstanding student bills must be paid in full before facility reservation privileges are restored.

Financial Obligations

Students are financially responsible for any facility or property damage during use. If equipment in the reserved location is not working properly, students must notify the appropriate authority as soon as possible.

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