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Prize-Winning Film Contest

A new film contest opportunity with exciting prizes, and for a great cause! Read on for details.


Who we are: Be More is a nonprofit organization committed to teaching young girls the importance of self-love and self-respect, and examining the role that social media plays in their lives. We offer in-school curriculum, community events and digital resources to teach teenagers about social media literacy, self-esteem and positive self-worth through evidence-based mindfulness practices. By creating a community of support, encouragement, and empowerment, as well as raising awareness and agency surrounding societal expectations of body image, Be More teaches teenagers how build each other up and prevent negative conversations and behaviors that often lead to poor self image, eating disorders, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.

What we’re looking for: We want you to tell the story of how social media impacts self-image and mental health the way that you see it. The interpretation is up to you, but we envision this as a short yet powerful video that highlights the true emotions and consequences of these issues in a way that viewers will really connect to. It should be like a commercial on what can happen when you let your phone/social media dictate how you feel about yourself. The idea behind the name “Be More” is that we are all so much more than our appearance, or number of followers and likes. 

Requirements: Video should be between 30 seconds-2 mins. Must include the title “Be More” at some point (text or voiceover). 

Deadline: February 28th, 2019. All submissions must be emailed to via a Youtube or Vimeo link. Please email with your name, email, and project idea and you will be prompted with further submission details. 

What you’ll win: The winner of this film contest will have their video featured as the main sizzle for Be More on our homepage, as well as promoted across several news and social media channels (with combined 1.5+million reach). You will also win the opportunity with a (surprise) celebrity filmmaker! AND you will receive the opportunity to collaborate on our upcoming documentary series alongside some incredible female directors. 

Learn more about the Be More organization at

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